New Hexagonal Seat and Canopy/Ledge elements for media:scape lounge

Posted on December 1, 2011

New Hexagonal Seat and Canopy/Ledge elements

Steelcase, global leaders in office furniture and workplace solutions, has launched a new Hexagonal Seat and Canopy/Ledge elements for media:scape lounge.

The Canopy is a new addition created for media:scape lounge in order to recreate private spaces within working spaces. Easily added to the lounge, the Canopy creates an informal, semi-enclosed meeting experience. The Ledge is added to the back of media:scape lounge in order to provide a work surface for a second row of tiered seating.

The new Hexagonal Seat is a free standing element which completes the media:scape lounge range. It offers a harmonious atmosphere and makes it possible for users to access media while working in an informal posture. These additions enable media:scape lounge to become even more collaborative, encouraging team work within small groups whilst giving external speakers the opportunity to join the meeting at any time. These three new media:scape lounge elements guarantee better productivity and efficiency to users

About media:scape / media:scape lounge:

media:scape allows participants to access and share digital information equally, quickly and seamlessly. With HD conferencing media:scape allows teams to collaborate with remote participants as well as bringing together space and information to help teams excel. media:scape lounge was designed to create collaborative work settings to support teams. It also integrates seamlessly with media:scape.

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