You spend 9 years of your life sitting in the office, 8 hours a day, 230 days a year, over 40 years  = 75,000 hours.



Bespoke available on request. Other desking systems are available on Express (coming soon).


47% of all European workers spend up to 30 minutes per day searching for paper information. Storage is not just a fancy box. It is the hidden resource of your office and can make a difference to business performance.


Since time immemorial, people have had a need for their own personal space. In today’s office environment the situation is no different. We offer flexible and ingenious systems that optimize the way in which offices are divided up. These walls, screens or shelves bring structure to open areas and offers support for the many different types of tasks carried out during the working day.


Work is becoming increasingly more team-oriented and 82% of white collar office workers now partner with others to get work done. Space and furniture play a central role in hosting and boosting collaboration and connecting people to information, tools and other people. Steelcase offers specific ranges answering all types of collaboration modes including smart and mobile presentation tools, modular meeting tables and comfortable conference chairs.

Breakout & Cafe

Meetings increasingly take place in more informal places such as cafes or lounge spaces where information and ideas are shared spontaneously. Inspiring, shared work spaces help people to feel good at work


Inspiring, shared work spaces help people to feel good at work. We offer several ranges of stylish and modular lounge tables, sofas and soft seating as well as elegant and welcoming reception counters.


New technologies have flooded into the offices over the past 2 decades and revolutionized the way people work. Technology is a key enabler to success. It boosts collaboration by helping individuals and teams to quickly access and share their digital information with one another.


One of the primary goals of our work accessories ranges is to maximise the ergonomic comfort of people at work. We offer a range of smart tools including flat screen monitor arms, computer and laptop support, connection units, slatwalls and desk lamps.