PayPal European Centre, Ballycoolin Business Park, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15

Gilligan Architects

6 months

SIG Workplace were commissioned with the replanning, supply and installation of office furniture for the PayPal offices in Ballycoolin.

Refurbishment Programme

The programme was a three phase process that sought to reuse as much of the existing Steelcase product without interfering with the running of the business. PayPal consisted of 894 existing Quid Workstations in their Blanchardstown headquarters. SIG Workplace planned and coordinated the movement and refubishment of these Workstations. All original panels were reused and reconfigured into a 120° workstation and existing pedestals were retrofitted with seat cushions for further versatility. These added to a total of 1165 Workstations transferred to their new offices in Ballycoolin.

Desking System: Steelcase Quid

Quid is a versatile panel system that lets you optimise your open plan office space. It is a flexible system with modular panels that help structure space and provide a variety of different work settings. The work surfaces are counter levered from the floor standing panels, which makes the ergonomic height adjustability of the workstation very facilities friendly. The system also enables excellent cable management and provides for overhead storage or shelves.

Seating Solution: Leap from Steelcase

A leader in ergonomics, the Leap chair features a flexible backrest and back controls.User test shows it reduces back pain, discomfort and musculo-skeletal disorders.

Meeting and Training Rooms

These feature a combination of Komfort and Steelcase Flip Top meeting tables which are mobile, stackable modular ranges.

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