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Gemino GX System

The Gemino GX System profiles change in accordance with the client’s needs, always looking at simplifying the installation experience. Choosing to opt for a double-glazed solution in a second step is now possible without the need to remove the existing glass or change the components that were already installed.

Gemino combines architecture enabling your interior space to grow and change as often as you do. The  integrated system allows for workspaces to evolve by simply removing the walls and adding a cover to the Top Track to flush it with the ceiling. The moveable structures enable an organisation to re-use the workspace partitions and evolve with the demanding needs in today’s world.

The GX System comes in multiple configurations, this includes:

Single- The partition wall comprises one single element. This can be placed in three different positions, that is, in the middle, in the left or in the right slot of the Top track and lower profile.

Double- The partition wall comprises a double element. This can be placed in the two outer slots of the Top Track and lower profile.


The Gem Cube

The Gem Cube can grow and evolve with your companies needs offering different sizes of cubes. Gem Cubes are fully sound proofed ensuring privacy, flexibility and impeccable design. The Gem Cube features all the high-end components of the GX System.

Technology and agile working are nowadays two of the most important aspects in the workplace. The product offers built in features including lighting, airflow systems and electrical cable piping, and is movable time and time again without any compromise.

The size of silence

A freestanding element, the Gem Cube reinvents the workplace, easily meeting the needs of every office open space area. Whether it’s one or more people, it comes in a wide range of combinations, while always guaranteeing Italian design, comfort and privacy. The 2.4 metres high Gem Cube can feature single or double glass walls, sound absorbing panels, plasterboard walls and air circulation or ventilation systems. Gemino System offers a 360° service to meet all of the clients’ needs and by working in collaboration with some of the largest renowned office furniture providers, our team of professional interior architects can enhance the final fit-out of your workspace.


  • modularity and moveability
  • lighter profiles: the new profiles are lighter and thinner
  • certified high acoustic performance
  • customisation option: possibility to have raised floor
  • patented components

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