The 2020 Workplace with Götessons

We are delighted to now have an exclusive partnership with the Swedish furniture company Götessons.  With Europe as its main market, Götessons ensures ergonomic, functional and well-designed solutions for customers.

With the recent changes of workplace design, Götessons have put together a 2020 workplace strategy which is about staying healthy, durable and being responsible. It’s also about designing and decorating with a long-term mindset where employees and visitors alike can find themselves in the same environment.

Gotessons The 2020 Workspace


Below are some of the top selected products in THE 2020 WORKPLACE:

  • PLEXITOP – can be used on screens.
  • PLANT DIVIDER – be creative in the placement of desks and use screens and room dividers to screen off work stations.
  • SCREENIT PLEXI – the screen effectively creates an individual workspace and can even be printed on.
  • SCREENIT A30 DESK SCREEN WITH PLEXI – a great choice where you want to create personal and individual workstations.
  • FOLDIT BASIC FELT – is a light, foldable, portable and hangable desk screen made of pressed felt with 100% recycled polyester fibres.
  • FOLDIT – is a portable and foldable screen, ideal for examinations or creating small workspaces.
  • SCREENIT A30 FLOOR SCREEN WITH PLEXI – is a great option for open landscapes. The floor screen itself is built up with 30 mm sound absorbents and a laminated textile to absorb sound.
  • SCREENIT A30 FLOOR SCREEN BOOTH – build separate workstations with A30 Floor Screen Booth.
  • EFFEKT EcoSUND PENDANT – smart room divider hanging from the ceiling.

2020 Workplace Catalogue

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